Tanning Tablets

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Our specialized formula of Tanning Tablets contains:




Grape Seed Extract

Vitamin E

☼ Does not contain harmful beta-carotene!

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☼ These are sunless tanning tablets but for optimal results, use with a little sun exposure to boost-start the bronzing.

☼ Take one first thing, just before your first meal and one just before sun exposure/last meal.

☼ Just stick with the 2, less is more.

☼ On a side note, hydrated skin will help you bronze, if you can, avoid hot showers for too long and keep your skin moisturized.☼All of the ingredients are natural, found in everyday foods.

☼ Does not contain harmful beta-carotene!

☼ Depending on your skin tone, Gold Complex users have reported it working within 2 days and others 2-3 weeks.

☼ Tan away! We hope you enjoy all bronzing Gold Complex has to offer!