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The best Tanning Pills to try

Tanning is an important activity for many individuals. In their quest to achieve the perfect tan, a lot of people have now turned to tan pills because they are effective and effortless. The effects of tanning pills on the skin are much more long lasting compared to other tanning methods such as sprays or tans.

Tanning pills promote tanning thanks to the compound canthaxanthin, which is a color additive that helps to tint the skin. When taken regularly, the primary compound in tanning pills is deposited in various parts of the body where it imparts a beautiful color.

Please note that the effect is different for each individual whereby some individuals report experiencing orange-ish to brownish tints. The change in color occurs as a result of an increase in melanin levels, which is what is produced naturally by the body to stop the effects of harmful UV radiation.

Because there are numerous tan pills out there on the market, it can be difficult trying to decide which ones will be the most effective. To help you out, here are the best tanning pills for you to try:


A very powerful supplement that helps to boost collagen and promote the growth of natural melanin production.


Copper helps with the promotion of melanin in the skin and without it there would be no tan!

Vitamin E

Vitamin is present in the skin, stopping oxidative damage from the environment. Vitamin E is a antioxidant in the skin, helps to keep your natural glow.


Tyrosine helps the body in the production of melanin, which is the pigment that protects us from the debilitating effects of the sun’s rays. It is the melanin in our bodies that keep us looking tan. If taken for a period before you go to the sun, Tyrosine allows the body to produce melanin more effectively so that you can attain that glow more easily.

How well do these tan pills work?

Tanning pills will make your skin darker but for them to work effectively, they have to be taken regularly. This is because the pigment contained in the pills needs to build up underneath the epidermis. If you use the pills consistently for two weeks, you should start to see results that will be even throughout. Similarly, if you want the effects to disappear, you will also have to wait for two weeks for the tan to fade away.

All in all, before you decide to take any tanning pills, it is recommended that you talk to a professional beauty technician and a doctor so that you can understand the effect of these tanning tablets fully. Since research into the effect of most tanning pills is still new, be sure to only purchase your tanning pills from a qualified professional.Buy now